Individual Retreats in Calvados, France

The ever accelerating pace of life today and the accompanying stress as we try to keep up with the demands upon our time, means that for many the chance to step out of our busy-ness for a short while and come to ourselves becomes like a pipe dream. Meanwhile Burnout is becoming almost endemic in our society as our Inner Voice screams out to be heard, warning us to pay more attention to our Inner Lives and to follow the guidance of our deepest knowing.

A Retreat, even for a week, in a supportive environment can suffice to restore a degree of inner peace and harmony, to rediscover ones original highest intent, to hear the message of our inner voice and to recommit to follow it.

I am delighted to offer my cottage in Calvados, France, as a place to aim for just this. As your Retreat Facilitor my greatest joy is to hold the space for you to come into contact again with the place of stillness and Peace within you, to bring about a reunion with your Essence. I offer you support through my own Presence and with daily meditations, meetings with White Bull and healing sessions.

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