Normandy, France


A time out of time experience, in beautiful and peaceful surroundings with Ian and White Bull which gave me a deep sense of peace, renewal and direction.
Amanda Hannah. UK


An individual Retreat in Calvados, France. A time to remember who, what, and why you are.

For those whose lives may revolve around busy work schedules and domestic responsibilities, the ideal notion of a retreat is one that allows as much time as possible in quietness and solitude, but at the same time with someone in the background who holds the space and who takes care of ones needs.

I am delighted to offer my cottage and garden in Calvados, France, as a place to aim for just that. As your Retreat Facilitator, it is my greatest joy to holds the space for you to discharge some stress and to come into contact again with that place of stillness and Peace within you; to provide the appropriate food for body, mind and soul and to help bring about a reunion with your Essence. I offer you support through my own Presence, with daily meditations, meetings with White Bull and healing sessions.

This 18th century cottage, known affectionally as Cobweb Cottage, lies on the edge of a small village about forty kilometres south of Caen. It is a modest, rustic-styled home, with all comforts.  It has a beautiful flower-filled garden bordered on one side by the gently flowing River Dives. The garden offers several quiet corners to relax in the sun or in the shade with the sound of the river lulling you into a state of calm while lying in the hammock. There are also walks in great open spaces to be had nearby.

The length of the retreat is up to you but I recommend a minimum of three days and a maximum of six.