“Greetings. I am very happy to be in your presence and I hope that in this time that we have to be together that I can fulfill my deepest wish which is quite simply to serve you and in so doing to make a small contribution towards your greater inner freedom and your deeper in peace. I hope also that you will find in my words a resonance with your own highest and deepest knowing and that you might even recognize them as a reflection of your own innermost Truth, because it is also on behalf of the highest and deepest in you that I now speak to you.”

In this typical introduction to a conversation White Bull makes very clear his own intention and modus operandi. What his words do not express is what many people feel as the powerful and loving Presence that accompanies him and which can quickly bring reassurance and calm the nerves.

Who is White Bull?

Although the name suggests a Native American origin, he presents himself as merely a source of wisdom that draws upon many spiritual traditions but mainly that which connects to Christ Consciousness and Non Duality.

How long is the session?

A conversation with White Bull usually lasts about one hour. Sometimes a little more, sometimes a little less, and only when all questions have been answered.

What can I expect from a meeting with White Bull?

White Bull is a spiritual teacher, therefore a conversation with him is not like a psychic reading and he does not make predictions, but through his deep understanding and compassion for the human condition, many people are amazed at how much he seems to know about them.

A conversation with White Bull gives an opportunity to seek guidance about important issues in your life from a non-physical teacher who has absolutely no judgment, who can connect to you own Higher Self and in the answer to your questions, can mirror back to you your own deepest and highest knowing and wisdom. His Presence is not one that is talking down to you from a higher position; it is more like talking to a grandfather or a favourite uncle. His answers to questions are often tinged with gentle humour and always with love and respect. For some they feel truly seen for the first time in their lives.

It is important to repeat that there is never any judgment in his answers or attitude so no embarrassment or shame need be felt by the nature of your question. As stated above, the answers are given as guidance only and by seeking help from outside of yourself it is essential to take full responsibility for the implications of following that guidance.

Is there anything I cannot ask?

White Bull cannot play the role of doctor and provide diagnosis but can offer insights into the deeper meaning of physical illness.

White Bull does not generally answer questions arising out of curiosity, such as ‘ what was my last life?’

My 40 years of experience as his instrument has taught me that those people who prepare their questions thoroughly will gain the most from the meeting.

We strongly recommend that as you prepare your questions you ask yourself “But do I know the answer already”? That way you will not have to react to White Bull’s answer by saying ” I know it all already”. 

Does White Bull only communicate in English?

The answers are always in English because he uses me, Ian, and my vocabulary to communicate. However I do understand some Dutch and French and therefore that forms part of the raw materials he can use if you cannot find the right word in English. If you have very limited knowledge of English it is better to bring someone to translate for you.

Should I bring my own recording apparatus?

I record every session on a laptop and will send it to you immediately afterwards via e-mail. . But if you wish to record it yourself you are welcome to do so.

Please note that feedback from many people confirms that repeated listening to the recording brings deeper insights and recognition each time. Sometimes even after listening twenty times to the recording, things are heard or something makes sense for the first time. Therefore it is important not to assess the impact of the session without first carefully listening to the recording as during the session it is normal to process the content through the mind only. And the mind can be very selective in what it wants to hear and remember.

Where do the sessions take place and how to make an appointment?

Normally sessions take place in my home in Zutphen, the Netherlands, but appointments for people in other parts of the world or even in other parts of the Netherlands are available by Skype or Zoom. I regret I cannot give session by telephone.

To make an appointment, please do so by e-mail to Requests made by telephone may go unanswered for a while as I am often away from home, but I read e-mails daily.

How much does the session cost?

The cost of an individual session in the Netherlands and Belgium is €130.00, incl btw. Please note that the cost is per session and not per hour so in  the event of the conversation being much shorter than one hour the full fee has to be paid.

Your Health?

For those who wish to have a face-to-face meeting. Please understand that my ability to do this work requires a strong voice. If you are in the early stages of a cold or flu, please consider whether you might still be contagious. If so, please ask to postpone your appointment to a later date. It can be a great disappointment to other people if, as a result of catching a cold from someone,  I had to cancel their appointment.